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There is nothing worse than being injured or worse in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by another party's negligence and then having to deal with their insurance that won't want to pay for your damages. It's times like this that you're pulling out your phone searching for "injury lawyers near me", right? Well, you've found yourself on our personal injury and auto accident law firm's website and, rest assured, you're in the right place.

Dedicated to Getting Your the Best Settlement Possible for Your Serious Damages

Our law firm strives to accomplish our mission by obtaining justice for the people we represent, helping our clients make the best possible decision about their unique legal issue, and giving back to our community in around the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Our city of Independence, Missouri, is filled with major highways and roads that are rife with reckless driving, overworked and exhausted truckers, and motorcyclists who weave between traffic. All of these factors play into the danger of commuting to and from the city on I-70, running errands along West Truman Road or the 24 Highway, and more.

Our personal injury legal team is experienced in all forms of serious auto accident injury cases. We will hold the at-fault party responsible and fight for a fair settlement if you've:

  • broken a bone in a t-bone collision at an intersection, 
  • recieved a concussion after being sideswiped by a semi-truck or larger car into a median, 
  • suffered whiplash after being rearended or crashing head-to-head by a negligent driver in your neighborhood, or
  • anything worse including other traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or even wrongful death, our personal injury legal team is experienced and can get you the results you need to recover from any damages. We will hold the at-fault party responsible and fight for a fair settlement.

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At the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, we don't only fight for your financial recovery. Our legal team will provide you with the resources and guidance to a wholistic recovery so that you can get back to the life you were living right before the accident. Fill out the form below today for a free consultation to discuss your situation with our legal team. At our firm, you won't be redirected to different people in a faceless team like some of the larger firms out there. When you call the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus, our intake team will provide your information to Attorney Kevin McManus, himself. He will personally review your case and talk you through your legal options.

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