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In Overland Park, the Law Office of Kevin J. McManus serves residents of Kansas. Personal injury and Long-Term Disability cases make up the brunt of our work while we help our clients in a number of subcategories:

Overland Park Personal Injury Legal Services

We work with clients dealing with a number of personal injury cases and types of injuries.

Car Accidents

When a negligent driver injures you, your loved ones, or any other passengers in your vehicle, you likely have a case where you can collect damages from the at-fault driver. Our Overland Park car accident injury lawyer will take every precaution necessary to ensure they have all the evidence they need to fight for you and recoup any expenses you pay on medical bills that result from your accident.

Be sure to reach out as soon as possible! The earlier you contact an injury attorney after a car crash the stronger your case may be. Of course, be sure to consult a medical professional just as quickly to show due diligence and prove the severity of the injury for insurance purposes.

Truck Accidents

A commercial vehicle accident is often significantly more damaging and harmful than your typical car accident. Whether the truck is a delivery truck for a national courier service or a semi-truck hauling freight and cargo across the country, the larger the vehicle compared to yours, the more danger you can find yourself in. In worst-case scenarios, wrongful death claims can result from these wrecks.

Regardless of the damage, you can be sure that the trucking company will be standing ready to send a fleet of lawyers and fixers to the incident to ensure they minimize any damage to themselves. It's important that you hire the best trucking accident lawyer near you to handle your case as diligently as you know the trucking company will handle theirs. After all, if you're injured in a commercial trucking accident, several parties can be at fault, including but not limited to the driver, the trucking company, and the truck manufacturer.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are arguably the most vulnerable of everyone on Kansas highways. While cars and trucks have layers of metal protecting passengers, motorcyclists only have the padding of their clothing and a helmet. Needless to say, if you get struck by a negligent driver while you ride your motorcycle on highways, side streets, or neighborhood roads, the injuries you can sustain can call for very expensive medical bills.

Get an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer who understands the nuances of your accident. Their legal team can jump in and help you collect damages from the at-fault party to help pay for your treatment and any long-term damages.

Bicycle Accidents

While not as often seen on the highways across Kansas, bicyclists are common on suburban roads and city streets throughout the state. They often have less protection than motorcyclists, relying on only a helmet to protect their heads. Should a negligent driver hit a cyclist on their commute or ride around town, the resulting injuries can be devastating.

Overland Park bicycle accident injury lawyers understand that cyclists need special treatment that may not be necessary for injured passengers of motorized vehicles. Should you be facing life-threatening or life-altering injuries that come with expensive medical bills, be sure to work with an injury lawyer who understands exactly what you need to recover physically, mentally, and economically.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can easily cause the most devastating damage to residents of Overland Park. Walking along a crosswalk or down a sidewalk is typically safe, but occasionally an out-of-control driver that isn't paying attention can create serious problems for pedestrians. With life-altering injuries and other long-term damage, it's vital that victims of pedestrian accidents have a trained and proven personal injury lawyer on their side while fighting to recover.

Slip and Falls

Not every traumatic injury comes from negligent drivers. A slip and fall injury caused by poorly maintained infrastructure, slippery surfaces, and more create significant issues for people all over Kansas. If you are seriously injured after falling in a public or private area, you may be entitled to recovered damages from an at-fault party. Perhaps a cleaning company did not properly signal that a floor is slippery, a construction crew didn't fully remove a broken sign pole in a parking lot, or a business didn't salt their icy sidewalk outside their door. These scenarios and more occur incessantly.

Don't face your injuries and medical bills resulting from a slip and fall on your own. Speak with an Overland Park slip and fall lawyer to learn more about your case and any legal options you may have to help pay your medical bills.

Overland Park Disability Legal Services

The other half of our legal practice is defending clients who are in need of short-term and long-term disability coverage.

Non-ERISA and ERISA Long-Term Disability (LTD) Claims

ERISA is a federal law filled with complex and unforgiving regulations that lean LTD case law in favor of insurance companies. This makes it important for anyone suffering from a long-term disability in Overland Park to have an LTD lawyer experienced in ERISA claims read over their insurance denial letter or termination notice. From there, the long-term disability attorney can help their client build a case against the insurance company to gain coverage.

Non-ERISA and ERISA Short-Term Disability (STD) Claims

Short-term disability claims are important as they can keep injured workers afloat while they can't go back to work for a period of time. This is especially tragic when the bills keep adding up while they can't collect any income. Insurance is there for a reason, but ERISA can complicate the process of obtaining coverage and benefits. Speaking with an ERISA-experienced short-term disability lawyer in Overland Park can be the deciding factor that decides if a worker is able to obtain the benefits they need and deserve.

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Free Material to Review on Your Own

Sometimes people aren't ready to hire a lawyer or even talk to one. We understand. In response, we've prepared and published some free downloadable material for those who are looking to improve their situation on their own before settling down for a consultation with an attorney.

Downloading any of the below offers does not constitute a client-attorney relationship. They are provided for your own benefit.

Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Injury Settlement (Without Going to Court)

You are not the first person to be seriously injured in an accident due to a negligent, at-fault party. We have heard many stories and answered many questions over the years from clients who have needed help. This book is a compilation of the most common injury-related questions that we have heard in our practice. It's a great first step to figuring out what you don't already know and perhaps some things you hadn't realized you needed to know.

The Insider's Guide to Buying Car Insurance

Before an accident, even before you get on the road, drivers are required to have auto insurance. Learn what to look out for and what to look into when perusing insurance offerings and plans. Discover how much insurance coverage you need, what benefits you get with that amount of coverage, and more.

Crash Course: Nine Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim

This book discusses tricks of the insurance trade. Learn what insurance adjusters look for and how they behave after you have been in an injury-inducing accident. Be as prepared as you can for your injury case and learn how to fight against insurance companies to protect yourself and your case.

Traumatic Brain Injury Checklist

Brain injuries can be complex and don't always reveal themselves immediately after an accident. It's important to look for key signs of brain damage when you've been hit by a negligent driver or suffered a nasty fall at the fault of another party. This checklist touches on these signs and symptoms so that you can act early and work to stop or minimize any long-term damage.

Danger: Proceed at Your Own Risk - A Guide to Disability Insurance Appeals

The most important thing to realize when facing a disability insurance claim is that the deck is stacked against you. The laws and regulations around insurance appeals lean in favor of insurance companies, not the claimants they should protect. Discover the myths and truths of disability insurance, the types of claims that are often denied, the facts of the matter of ERISA, and much more.

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